What Should Be Included in Your Post Construction Clean-Up Routine?

Construction can be a messy process and the clean spaces that are advertised are often meticulously cleaned up before they enter the public eye.

Construction clean up greenbelt services can take this task up to clean your space post-construction.

What is involved in the construction clean up? We have created a list of just this below.

of Tasks on a Post Construction Clean-Up Routine

Here is a list of the tasks that should be completed post the construction of an area. A construction clean up company can do all of these and dispose of the remaining waste responsibly.

1.  Hard and Sturdy Surface Wipe-downs

These are surfaces that collect visible dust post-construction. Some of the dust debris may even contain large, toxic particles. It is important to wipe them down and disinfect them before you inhabit the space.

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2.  Vacuuming

One of the best cleaning mechanisms for dust-free spaces is vacuuming. It can suck dust from deep within several surfaces. The items that most need to be vacuumed in a post-construction space include the upholstery and the carpets.

These don’t just retain dust on the surfaces but also absorb them. During the construction process, they absorb quite a bit of dust, and vacuuming can give them a deep clean.

3.  Cleaning the Air

This is where professional cleaning services become crucial. Following construction, the vents and filters in the space tend to hold a lot of dust. If these linger, they can contribute to several respiratory infections.

Post-construction cleaning services can get rid of such dust completely and can leave you breathing clean air.


In addition to the above, your cleaning checklist must also include little items like the fan blades, window sills, and any fancy items in the space. While mostly invisible, these spaces also attract dust and require a good clean up.