Tips For Moving

Moving can be a stressful series of events.  In most cases when we move, we are taking everything that we possibly own and transporting it to another location.  This can and in most cases is a huge challenge.  However, to help make this transitional period in your life much easier we have put together this informational guide.

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Start early

This sounds simple but for most people starting early is a hard thing to do.  When it comes to starting early many people will procrastinate simply because they feel that they need everything that they own out and accessible to them.  For others, the thought of siting in a pile of boxes for weeks on end just isn’t appealing.  However, when we start early, we can begin by throwing out items we didn’t know we had, nor we seen in a long time.

Get the right boxes

When it comes to moving boxes in st louis mo you want to make sure that you purchase or acquire the correct type boxes.  When it comes to boxes, they are not all created equal.  Some boxes are made out of a lighter cardboard material which won’t stand up to a lot of moving and weight.  There are also heavier boxes and boxes of specific shapes that fill specific needs.

It is up to you as to which boxes you purchase.  The next thing you want to consider is what you will put in each of these boxes.  For heavier items you want to have boxes that are made of a strong material. For lighter items standard boxes should do the trick.


When it comes to the weight of your boxes you never want to overweigh them.  If you have boxes that are overloaded and filled with different items you can break the items, rip the box or do physical damage to yourself. 

Moving and packing will become second nature the more you do it.  Just remember to put heavy items on the bottom of the box and make sure that everything is sealed up tightly.